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Aurora Blockchain review

Aurora Blockchain is a scalable blockchain platform that uses Delegated PoS consensus algorithm and offers high transaction speed and low fees. Also, it enables developers to write, port, and launch decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts in Solidity, an Ethereum programming language.

History of the Aurora Blockchain

The Aurora blockchain journey began in May 2021 with Aurora Labs. The technology company launched this platform on a fast and scalable layer-1 solution called NEAR Protocol, allowing application developers to improve and use Ethereum features securely on NEAR.

This blockchain team raised $12 million in equity fundraising to expand its ecosystem and operations after its launch. Aurora began significant updates in 2022 and more than 248 projects joined this blockchain after, including UnoFarm, Shitzu, and Apollo42.

Aurora in a partnership with Proximity Labs launched a $90 mln fund that incentives dApps developers on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is another notable milestone in 2022 because it improved the speed of development of decentralized finance applications.

Technical Overview

Aurora Chain is a digital ledger that blends Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) features and delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) to validate blocks and increase network reliability.

Aurora implemented dual mechanisms to validate contract terms between traders, unlike Ethereum. Also, it has over 100 active NEAR nodes and a gas fee of $0.02 on average per transaction.

Aurora blockchain solves versatility and speed issues with dynamic resharding. The solution splits the network into smaller parts to help the platform manage large transactions simultaneously.

Also, one of the most important features that blockchain has is a Rainbow bridge - the first trustless bridge that allows to transfer tokens among Ethereum, Aurora and NEER protocol.

The players at the backbone of this technology are the application developers, end users, stakers, and validators. To participate in Aurora blockchain you may use any web3 wallet that supports EMV blockchains, we recommend the Wigwam crypto wallet

Economic Significance

ETH is the gas token for this blockchain but its native crypto token is AOA (Aurora) and is used for staking and funding projects. The AOA token circulating supply is 371 million out of a maximum of 1.00B.

Aurora allocates a portion of its token to the Community Treasury. Current allocation developments as of 2023 are as follows:

  1. Community treasury receives 35.2%
  2. Incentives for Aurora Labs could reach 16%
  3. Aurora Labs private investors get 9%
  4. Validator delegators receive 3%
  5. The platform offers early contributors a 2%
  6. Aurora Labs’ growth round gets 3%
  7. Ongoing grant programs receive 3.1%
  8. Staking rewards get a 5.9 % allocation.

Aurora helped  developers to create Aurora DeFi apps, such as UPvsDOWN, Aurigami, and Synapse. Digital creators and artists can trade assets in AURORA NFT marketplaces like MoonFlower Farmers and the Ape Club. You may easily interact with Aurora NFT marketplaces by using the Wigwam NFT wallet.


The Aurora Blockchain was released to relieve application developers when there was network congestion on ETH and provided a reliable alternative. Having the same as Ethereum EVM allowed programmers not to rewrite applications and relaunch them on Aurora quickly.


Aurora uses ETH as the gas fee for this blockchain. To transfer ETH from the Ethereum network you may use the official Rainbow bridge solution on Aurora.

View AURORA wallet activities in the Mainnet blockchain explorer.  Some of them are.

The Mainnet Explorer allows users to view block activities and track transaction history. 
AURORA(AOA) Block Explorer provides access to transaction history and information about service fee and issuance time

The most convenient solution for Aurora blockchain usage is the Wigwam web3 wallet. Also, other popular EWM wallets support Aurora, let's list some of them: Metamask, Trust wallet, Binance wallet, Exodus wallet, etc.

If you use the Wigwam crypto wallet, you may choose Aurora from the dropdown menu in the networks section.  For the MetaMask app you need to launch the icon in your browser. Expand the view and add Aurora Mainnet. Click your profile icon, select settings, and open the networks option. Tap on add a network and paste info such as name, RPC URL, symbol, and chain ID. Save and add the network to your MetaMask wallet.

The most famous projects are DeFi apps such as Bastion - a borrowing platform, and Trisolaris - a decentralized exchange (DEX) owned by its community.  You may find the whole list of Aurora projects on this page.