Safety tips

These guidelines are designed to empower you with the knowledge to protect yourself against common threats and to ensure your experience with Wigwam is both safe and rewarding. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these essential tips:

  • Guard Your Secrets Closely: Always keep your secret recovery phrase and private keys confidential. The integrity of your Wigwam wallet hinges on the privacy of these crucial details.
  • Watch Out for Imposters: Exercise caution around individuals claiming to represent Wigwam. Confirm the authenticity of any account before you engage.
  • Direct Message Caution: Steer clear of responding to unsolicited offers of help via direct messages. Such offers can be deceptive, often originating from fraudulent sources posing as support personnel. Our team never DMs first. We don’t have accounts: Tech help, Support, Wigwam Admin, etc. Be careful. 
  • Safe Website Practices: NEVER enter your secret recovery phrase or private keys on any website or a form. This includes sites that may look authentic but are not verified by Wigwam.
  • Alert on False Verification Attempts: Be skeptical of any communication asking you to authenticate or verify your Wigwam wallet. Such requests are not a practice of Wigwam, particularly via email or other messaging platforms.
  • External Key Warning: Do not import private keys or seed phrases from external sources into your Wigwam wallet. These could compromise your wallet's security.
  • Understanding Wigwam's Support Process: Remember, the Wigwam support team will not contact you directly for personal assistance. For help, always rely on our established support channels.
  • Avoid Unofficial Communication Channels: Refrain from joining non-official groups like those on WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, or Twitter for support. Scammers frequently use these platforms.
  • Community Protection - Reporting Suspicious Behavior: Your alertness is crucial. Help protect the Wigwam community by reporting any dubious or scam activities.
  • Using Verified Websites Only: Ensure that you are always on Wigwam's official site. Stay vigilant against counterfeit sites imitating the Wigwam brand.
  • Accessing Official Support: Should you need help, visit our legitimate support links at

No Hidden Promotions: Wigwam does not engage in undisclosed NFT drops, token airdrops, or any form of stealth marketing. Be wary of such claims. All information about our current marketing activities you may check on our blog or twitter.