The most convenient
crypto wallet for Web3

Wigwam lets you explore DeFi and NFTs
in a safer, faster and modern way.

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Wigwam is a browser extension that allows you to manage your wallets, store and move funds, and interact with decentralized applications.


Wigwam is a decentralized wallet. Users have direct access to crypto funds on the blockchain by using their private keys.

Open source

Our code is published and open for public review and modifications. Thus, everyone can check how it is connected to the blockchain, how it reaches accounts in the networks and processes the transactions.


A new way of the browser wallet development: full screen is first, activities watch bar, pleasant experience with the Web3 and much more.


Polygon (Matic)





Harmony (One)



Even more versatile


With Wigwam, you can interact with different networks
at the same time!

Currently, we aim to work with Ethereum
and other EVM-based networks.

Wigwam main features:

Secure, private, non-custodial wallet

Multi-chain support from the box

Specialized for work with dApps

MetaMask compatible mode

Ledger Nano and Trezor support

Popup and full page modes

Amazing user experience

You need to try Wigwam only once, and you will never return to your old wallets.
Some of the features:

Wigwam Features

. Full page mode

All important info is in one place

. Transaction watch bar

Check the status of your transactions and manage them more conveniently

. Portfolio price tracking

Check your token value instantly

. Multi-accounting

Create as many accounts(wallets) as you want for any needs

. NFT tab

A convenient way to store your collectibles

. DApp approval tab

Have full control over your wallet interactions with the dapps

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We want to develop the most convenient and useful wallet for the web3 community. However, it will be impossible to do without your propositions and feedback. Join our communities and help us to create the Web3 Wallet of the future.

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