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Klaytn Blockchain review

Klaytn Blockchain focuses on the metaverse and gaming. It enables entrepreneurs to customize service-oriented digital ledgers running autonomously as subnetworks. Also, Its enterprise-friendly ecosystem allows influencers and content creators to earn revenue

History of the Klaytn Blockchain

Klaytn Blockchain started in June 2019 with GroundX, a subsidiary of Kakao Corporation. The company developed this platform as a metaverse solution to extend its services globally.

After launching the blockchain, the platform covered many sectors, racking up over 40 partnerships, including gaming, finance, healthcare, and entertainment industries.

Klaytn Blockchain’s launchpad with Binance in June 2021 is another notable milestone, because the world’s biggest crypto exchange could be the driving force behind KLAY token adoption and public involvement.

Technical Overview

The consensus algorithm of KLAY Blockchain is Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) that has the strength of proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS). It uses PoW to validate blocks and PoS for final confirmation.

The main differences between Ethereum and Klaytn are: consensus mechanism, fixed gas price, SDK, and node types.

Klaytn uses the Istanbul BFT algorithm and charges a flat transaction rate while network demand and supply determine Ethereum gas prices.

To solve the issue of speed, versatility, and decentralization, Klaytn Blockchain adopted the sharding strategy. It’s a technique that divides the network into small portions. It helps the platform to manage large transaction volumes.

Klaytn ensures scalability with sharding and addresses decentralization by Klaytn popularization among node providers. he major players in this blockchain technology are end users, stakers, validators, and developers

Economic Significance

The robust infrastructure and hybrid consensus algorithm of the blockchain ensures lower transaction fees. Its permission and permissionless ecosystem also allow companies to operate seamlessly.

The native currency of this blockchain is KLAY, used to pay transaction fees and for services on the platform. KLAY token’s circulating supply is 3.24B out of a maximum of 10.95B.

Klaytn allocates 66% of all total emissions to the growth of its ecosystem. Participants receive block rewards on the platform as follows:

  1. Governance Council Reward participants get 34%
  2. Klaytn Growth Fund (KGF) offers 54%
  3. Members of the Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR) receive 12%.

Subject to a qualification review from a committee, staking 5 million KLAY on the platform is essential for users seeking to qualify for the Governance Council reward.

This blockchain allows developers to create Klaytn DeFi apps, such as KLAYstation, Kokoa Finance, and Kleva Farm. Artists and creators can also trade digital assets in KLAY NFT marketplaces like PlayDapp and Rillaz. If you want to participate in the Klaytn ecosystem - use the Wigwam Web3 extension with already integrated Klaytn blockchain.


From the beginning Klaytn blockchain was designed to cater entrepreneur needs and provide tools for launching exciting blockchain applications, especially in Metaverse and Gaming industries. New projects and community activity confirm the value of this blockchain and create the prerequisites for its further development.


A gas token is the user’s payment to execute transactions or commands and run smart contracts on blockchain. The Klaytn network allows holders to pay for activities using KLAY.

Wallet activities in the Klaytn Blockchain are visible through Klaytnscope and Kaikas, its official explorers. They allow users to monitor transactions and balances.

Klaytnscope provides information about the platform’s transactions, blocks, and validators. It allows users to track balances and transactions.

Wigwam Wallet, Trust, and Metamask are the most popular cryptocurrency wallets for this blockchain. Atomic and MyEtherWallet (MEW) also have user-friendly interfaces to manage Klaytn blockchain assets across different devices.

Install the MetaMask browser extension and create or import your existing wallet. Navigate to settings and add the Klaytn network manually. Input all necessary information such as name, symbol, chain ID, and New RPC URL. Save and switch to the blockchain by selecting it via the extension dropdown.

The most notable projects are the Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR), which provides resources for promising developments, and BApps (Blockchain Applications) with use cases in the Crypto gaming and finance industries. Others include Klaytn wallets, NFT marketplaces for trading digital assets, and DeFi apps for decentralized exchanges, yield farming, and lending.