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Evmos blockchain review

Evmos was designed to combine the Cosmos Ecosystem and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support, allowing developers to launch Solidity-based smart contracts on Evmos. By doing so, new EVM projects can be combined with the popular Cosmos blockchains, providing users with more usage cases of their tokens on Cosmos and Ethereum. 

Technical review

Technically, Evmos is a Layer 1 EVM-compatible blockchain that is running on the Cosmos SDK and employs a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Its design has several advantages:

  1. High transaction speed - Evmos uses the Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) mechanism that allows the limited set of validators to process all blockchain transactions with high speed.
  2.  Interoperability - the main idea of Evmos is to become a bridge between Cosmos and EVM networks. It uses Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol and can communicate with other EVM-based blockchains.
  3. Scalability - Evmos is a scalable solution because of the BFT consensus transaction validation mechanism.

Emvos Native token 

A native token for the Evmos blockchain is EVMOS, with a maximum supply of one billion tokens. The initial supply was established in 200 million, and Inflation rate for the first year was 150%

EVMOS holders can stake their tokens and participate in the network governance process. The first tokens were distributed among Cosmos and Ethereum users through Airdrop. 

DeFi and NFT Projects

Evmos hosts versatile decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) projects. Key DeFi projects include Tashi (lending), Stride (Liquid staking), Diffusion Finance (Dexed), and Coslend (Lending). The platform supports ERC20 tokens and other NFT standards like EIP721 and EIP1155. However, these platforms have low liquidity and struggle to get mass attention from the crypto community. To participate in the Evmos ecosystem, you may use the free Wigwam dApp browser


Evmos tried to connect two words: Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystem. From the beginning, this idea was met with great approval. However, the need for more interesting projects on Evmos reduced the community's interest in this blockchain. Currently, the Evmos team concentrates on increasing developer friendliness and scalability and attracting new projects to use Evmos as a default blockchain. 


EVMOS is a gas token for the Evmos ecosystem. It is used to pay transaction fees, in staking to protect the network, and to participate in blockchain governance.

To view wallet activities in the Evmos chain, you can use Evmos block explorers like Escan. These explorers allow you to search and explore the EVMOS blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, and other activities.

Evmos supports Cosmos-based wallets, like Kepler, and EVM-based wallets, like Wigwam crypto wallet or Metamask.

To add Evmos to MetaMask, you would need to manually input the network details into MetaMask. This includes the network name, new RPC URL, chain ID, symbol, and block explorer URL specific to Evmos. In the Wigwam web3 wallet, the Evmos blockchain is added by default.

According to DeFi lama analytics, the most popular projects on the Evmos blockchain are Tashi ($2.9mln TVL), Steer protocol ($2.19 mln TVL), and Forge ($1.22 mln)