Explore what's new at Wigwam: strategic alliances and product improvements

Explore what's new at Wigwam: strategic alliances and product improvements

Hello, crypto enthusiasts! We're excited to share the latest updates from Wigwam, offering new opportunities to improve your experience in Web3 word. We've recently formed new partnerships, enhanced our product, and launched a campaign to reward early adopters.

New Partnerships

Wigwam is on a roll with some key partnerships that mark a significant milestone in our journey. We’ve joined forces with the Aurora and Linea blockchains, to expand our possibilities and offer you more versatility. Additionally, we’ve strengthened our ties with the CEX.io exchange, ensuring our users will have access to enhanced trading experiences in the future. These collaborations are set to bring a plethora of benefits to our community in the coming months.

Product Updates

We've upgraded our wallet technology with several features:

  • An enhanced Swap section for easier trading.
  • More options to top up your crypto balance.
  • A feature to manage transactions, allowing cancellation or speed up transactions on a blockchain.
  • User experience improvements for a better Wigwam experience.

Engage and Earn

We're active on Magic Store and Galxe, offering engaging activities where you can support us and earn rewards. By joining our communities and participating in activities like minting free OAT collectibles, you can learn more about Wigwam and gain collectibles.

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