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How to buy and hold XDC with Wigwam


1. Choose a token number that you want to buy

2. Create a wallet, where to store your crypto

3. Pay with credit card

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4. Check your crypto in the created wallet

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Why Wigwam is the best crypto wallet for XDC Network (XDC) storage

XDC token review

XDC (XinFin Digital Contract) is a native token for XDC Network that is used as payment for transaction fees and smart-contract execution, access to network services, and master node staking

About XDC Network

XDC Network is an enterprise-level EVM-compatible blockchain that focuses on the tokenization of real-world financial services. By using the unique XinFin Delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism (XDPoS), it offers both public and private blockchain solutions. XDC blockchain is designed to be resistant to long-range and censorship attacks and concentrates on developing a reliable and secure solution for various decentralized applications (dApps).

XDC token use cases

  1. Transaction fees - XDC is used to pay transaction fees and execute smart contracts on the XDC network.
  2. Master nodes collateral - to become a master node operator, the user should stake 10 million XDC tokens and maintain 99.9% uptime to verify blockchain transactions.
  3. Payments/Trades - XDC tokens can be used as a means of payment or as a trading asset on different centralized exchanges or DEXes.

XDC token economy

The total XDC supply is 37.5 billion tokens, with a circulating supply of around 13.8 billion tokens. The initial token distribution was conducted in the following proportion: 40% Founders, Core team, and Community (release: 3% every year), 26.67% Pre Placement (Alphaex exchange, Masternode Stake, Burnt tokens, and other circulating supply), 26.67% Ecosystem development (release 2.5% every year) and 6.66% Contingency. The token price in December 2023 is $0.05.

At the moment, a token has a high centralization level, and new token releases may significantly negatively impact the token price. For this reason, any decision about buying this token should be carefully considered.


Despite its promising potential, the XDC network faces many challenges that may significantly impact the token price; some of them are: 

technical and security risks, market fluctuations, adoption, direct competition from other blockchain solutions, especially Layer 2 Ethereum solutions, and regulatory risks. Also, the XDC network roadmap hasn't been updated since 2021, which indicates that the team hasn't built a clear vision for future project development.


XDC token is traded on different exchanges, including HTX, Gate.io, KuCoin, Bitfinex, etc.

Yes, you can stake XDC tokens. Staking XDC involves participating in the network's consensus mechanism as a master node operator or a stalker.

Blockchain explorers like XDCScan or XDC Block Explorer allow you to enter your wallet address and view all the transaction activities associated with that address, including incoming and outgoing transactions, token balances, and more.

You need to add XinFin network to your wallet; click Add a Network and choose XinFin Network Mainnet(XDC) in the dropdown menu. After switching to the XinFin network, use this address to receive your XDC tokens.

Investing in XDC, like any cryptocurrency, involves several risks, some of which are market volatility, regulatory risks, technology and adoption risks, and project development activities.