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How to buy and hold HT with Wigwam


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Why Wigwam is the best crypto wallet for Huobi Token (HT) storage

The HXT (HT) Token Review

HT is the native ERC-20 token of the HECO chain and HXT global exchange, a secure platform for users to trade cryptocurrencies and derivatives.

About the HXT exchange project

HXT exchange was introduced as the Huobi crypto trading platform in 2013 for users in Mainland China and beyond. By the end of the year, it became a top-three exchange in China with a trading volume of over 30 billion yuan. In 2016, it processed daily transactions of over 200 billion yuan. However, in 2017, Huobi moved its crypto trading services globally to address changes in China’s regulations. Later, in September 2023, Huobi rebranded as HXT.

In 2018, the HT token was introduced as a utility coin for users to perform various activities on the HXT exchange. Holders could pair the token against all other cryptos listed on its service, get trading fee discounts, and vote on the platform’s decisions such as participation rules and new asset listing. It has a maximum supply of 500 million tokens and a market cap of over $1.3 million.

The HT token use cases

  1. HXT Global Ecosystem Fund: HT tokens play a crucial role in funding the development of the HXT Ecosystem.
  2.  Trading Fee Discounts: Token holders on the HXT exchange enjoy discounts on trading fees. Users qualify for up to 65% in trading fee discounts by holding the coin in the Huobi wallet.
  3. HXT cloud security deposits - Developers submit a specific amount of HT tokens to get apps listed for trading on the exchange.
  4. Voting Rights: The token holders can vote on important decisions about the development and governance of the HXT platform.
  5. HT is used as a gas token for HECO blockchain.
  6. Token Burning: HXT regularly recalls and burns a portion of HT tokens from circulation. It influences the market supply and potentially boosts the token value.

Economic value

The HT token has over 162 million coins circulating out of a total supply of 500 million. This reduction in circulating supply is a result of significant token burn events, where 301,002,441 HT tokens were burned as of October 2023.  The token is used to trade digital assets, get transaction fee discounts on the exchange, and fund the HXT Global Ecosystem.

The main holders of HT are those using the coin for various activities on the HXT exchange. HXT created 500 million tokens and distributed them as follows: 60% (300 million coins) went to exchange members, especially those who bought packages, and 40% (200 million coins) was reserved in HXT’s custody. Half of the set-aside tokens reward loyal users, while the other half reward HXT team members.

HXT allocates 20% of its monthly revenue to buy back and burn HT tokens. It burns 5% of the HT team rewards and 15% from circulation. The goal is to decrease the total supply gradually and potentially boost the token’s long-term value. The current price is $2.66, and its value is influenced by usability and adoption.


The crypto market is volatile, and HT token value might fluctuate unexpectedly. Also, the coin value is closely linked to the exchange’s performance. So, thoroughly research the current market conditions before investing.


You can easily buy the HT token on the Wigwam crypto wallet.  Also, to get this coin, you may visit HTX (Huobi) or KuCoin exchange, create an account,verify your identity, deposit funds, and buy the coin. You can also buy this token directly on gate.io or CoinEx exchanges.

The Earn feature makes staking HT tokens on the HXT exchange seamless. Visit the official HXT website and create a profile. Confirm your identity and log into your account. Download the wallet and transfer your assets or deposit any supported crypto. Click on the Finance button and choose HXT Earn from the menu. Choose between Flexible or Fixed staking options. Enter the amount, agree to the service terms, and subscribe for Flexible staking. For Fixed staking, select the term, input the amount, agree to the terms, and subscribe.

Easily track address activities on HXT using blockchain explorers. Popular choices like Ethplorer and Hecoscan have user-friendly interfaces. With Ethplorer, you can check transfers, holders, and issuance records. Meanwhile, Hecoscan Explorer provides access to transactions and block history.

The price of HT tokens can change unexpectedly, and a market downturn might result in financial losses for investors. Additionally, the constant entry of new projects with similar use cases adds uncertainty due to increased competition in the market.

The best crypto wallets to successfully add HT tokens are those supporting the HECO chain. Bitget and Metamask wallets are popular beginner-friendly options. Install your wallet, go to settings, and click the network button. Select Add Network and choose HECO Mainnet. Click Add Token, search for HT, and import the tokens into the wallet. If your assets aren’t visible, use the manual method. Choose “custom token” and enter the correct HT token address. Then, input “HT” for the symbol and “18” for decimals. Confirm the details and your assets should be visible in the wallet.