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Why Wigwam is the best crypto wallet for Fetch.ai (FET) storage

Fetch.ai (FET) token review

Fetch.ai (FET) is a digital currency that powers the Fetch.ai platform, an AI-based blockchain system for the automation of tasks. The project was started by Humayun Sheikh, Toby Simpson, and Thomas Hain who are experienced professionals with lots of advanced concepts. This is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform used for various applications such as asset trading, gig economy jobs, and energy grid optimization. FET drives transactions, stimulates engagement, and leads to decentralized finance (DeFi) applications within the Fetch.ai environment.

A Brief Information About a Blockchain 

Fetch.ai uses Ethereum technology to establish a decentralization environment combined with machine learning. The goal of this platform is to bring a change in various sectors by allowing AI and autonomous economic agents (AEAs) to learn from their mistakes and past successes. Some of these include decentralized finance, supply chain management, transportation, and mobility services as well as electric vehicle infrastructure among others.

Token Use Cases

Within Fetch.ai’s ecosystem, there are several ways in which FET tokens are utilized. These can be employed as payments for services rendered and they can also help in governing while at the same time incentivizing computational contributions made by participants. Apart from this, FET also operates as a source of power.

Economical Value

At the time of writing this article, 834.1 million FET tokens were circulating out of a total supply of 1.15 billion. The price of the token has been resilient, with a notable increase in 2024 to an all-time high of $1.98. This indicates strong economic value, given that it is coupled with the project’s innovative AI and blockchain integration approach. Nevertheless, future price predictions for the token indicate it may potentially climb into double digits by 2027 thereby signifying growth.


Regardless of its potential growth Fetch.ai and FET face numerous stumbling blocks in their way. Almost every other factor in this project being hinged on its token has brought questions about the uniqueness or innovation as other services could have been implemented on existing blockchains. With regards to Fetch.ai, this is over and above all other risks associated with investing in it as a whole. Also Fetch.ai is a start-up company built on Cosmos blockchain network hence the market capitalization of about $207 million is great but still raises eyebrows.


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial or investment advice. The views expressed herein represent solely the opinion of the author and are not intended to provide specific trading or investment recommendations. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information contained in this article. The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility and unpredictable fluctuations. Investors, traders, and anyone engaging with cryptocurrency are advised to conduct thorough research, consider a variety of perspectives, and acquaint themselves with applicable local regulations prior to making any investment decisions.


FET Coin can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, where it made its debut via an IEO.

Yes, staking FET Coin allows you to participate in the governance of the Fetch.ai platform, earn rewards, and contribute to the security and stability of the network.

To see your address activities on the blockchain with FET, you can use the Agentverse Explorer. This tool allows you to view the interactions and transactions associated with your Fetch.ai agent addresses, including token or asset transfers on the blockchain.

 In your crypto wallet app, find the option to add a new token or coin, select "Fetch.ai" from the list, and enter the token symbol (FET) and contract address.
Token Contract Address: 0xaea46A60368A7bD060eec7DF8CBa43b7EF41Ad85

Token Symbol: FET

Decimal Precision: With 18 Decimals

After entering the token details click on “Save” to add the BEAM token to your wallet.

Investing in FET Coin involves understanding the fundamentals of the Fetch.ai project, its technology, team, partnerships, and market potential. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before making any investment decisions