Wigwam Beta Tester NFT

Celebrate your pioneering role in our community with this exclusive NFT

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Wigwam Beta Tester NFT


Check detailed information about Wigwam Beta Tester NFT

This NFT was distributed among our users who participated in our open wallet testing before the official launch of our production version.

To verify the authenticity of your NFT, please check that an NFT contract address is: 0xBb31e3CA91044350e9baDb7c5d7779d6f751A031. Be aware that there have been fake collections mimicking our NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

This NFT serves multiple purposes, including use in our promotional activities. Holders will also gain access to exclusive rewards not available to the general public.

While we do not recommend selling, you are free to sell this NFT on any marketplace that supports the Polygon blockchain.

We utilize the Polygon blockchain for minting our NFTs, leveraging its popularity and efficiency in the market.

Yes, you may find the complete list on this page.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us in our Telegram or Discord communities. We're here to help!