Wigwam new feature: universal EVM networks integration

Wigwam new feature: universal EVM networks integration

In a significant leap forward for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain professionals, from now, Wigwam Web3 wallet supports every EVM compatible network out of the box. Yes, you read that right – every single one. This update is a boon for advanced users who navigate multiple blockchains, engage in various testnets, or strive to be pioneers in emerging blockchain networks. With this enhancement, Wigwam has streamlined the process of adding new networks to your wallet, making it incredibly straightforward.

Here's how it works:

  1. Getting Started: Simply activate the “Testnets&All” switch. Immediately, you'll have access to a comprehensive list of all EVM networks currently listed on the Chainlist service and supported by Wigwam. The number is staggering – nearly a thousand different blockchains and testnets are at your fingertips, ready to be added to your Wigwam wallet in just a couple of clicks.
  2. Adding Networks: Once you're in, all you have to do is use the search bar to find the network you're interested in. Type it in, add it to your wallet, and you're all set. You now have a new network installed and ready for use right away.

This update eradicates the need to hunt down network information, RPC details, and other technical requirements previously needed to add a new network to your wallet. By simplifying this process, Wigwam not only saves you time but also opens up a world of possibilities for exploring and participating in the vast landscape of blockchain networks.

We're excited to see how our users leverage this new feature in their web3 adventures. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please share your experiences and let us know how we can continue to improve Wigwam for you.

Happy exploring!

Wigwam Team
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