Find a bug, earn a reward with Wigwam wallet

Find a bug, earn a reward with Wigwam wallet

We're proud to launch the Wigwam Wallet but acknowledge that no system is perfect. That's where you come in! Help us find any issues in our Chrome extension wallet by reporting bugs, and you could earn a reward for your efforts. We are willing to share $1000+ among our community members who've helped us improve.

Program Focus:

  • Eligible Platform: Only bugs found in the Wigwam Wallet Chrome extension for desktops are eligible. We're focusing on desktop issues for now, as a mobile app is on its way.
  • Report Contents: Please provide detailed information to help us replicate the bug. Include your wallet address, actions leading to the error, the specific error message, the tokens/blockchains and dApps involved, and attach any relevant screenshots or videos.
  • How to Report: Submit your findings to our #bug-report channel on Discord. Be prepared; our admin might ask for more details:). Also, you may leave your feedback in our Feature request board.

Bug Importance:

  • Grading: We classify bugs from minor text errors to major functionality issues (like incorrect gas estimations, transaction failures, blockchain support errors, or dApp interactions).
  • Quality over Quantity: Focus on uncovering significant, impactful bugs rather than a high volume of minor issues.


  • Total Pool: $1,000 will be shared among contributors who provide the most value in improving our product. Exceptional finds could trigger additional rewards.
  • Distribution: The Wigwam team will decide the reward distribution based on the value added by each reported bug.

Campaign Duration:

  • Two Months: You have two months to find and report issues. We encourage checking for bugs after any wallet updates or during regular use.

Happy bug hunting, and we look forward to seeing your contributions on Discord!

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